Image Gallery

Images from 35mm and digital camera monitoring sites with over two years of data have been selected to capture a range or spectrum of historical visibility, seasonal conditions, and other significant events.

Bridger Wilderness and Yellowstone National Park galleries are presented here courtesy of the IMPROVE Monitoring Program. Cloud Peak Wilderness and Teton Wilderness galleries are presented here courtesy of the USDA Forest Service Air Program.

Features for each image gallery include:

  • A written site history and graphic illustration of the site location and operational period.
  • Image spectrums consisting of a series of good to poor regional haze visibility conditions.
  • Images of pristine, scenic, or meteorological interest.
  • Selected representations of layered haze, regional haze, or pollution episodes of significant importance.

Site-specific galleries can be accessed by selecting the site of interest in the left-hand frame under IMAGE GALLERY. Once selected, individual images can be downloaded (saved) to your local hard drive.