Cheyenne NCore

Air Quality Information
1 Hour Average
37 ppb
8 Hour Rolling Average
33 ppb
Nitrogen Dioxide
1 Hour Average
0 ppb
Particulate Matter PM10
1 Hour Average
-6 µg/m 3
Particulate Matter PM2.5
1 Hour Average
-2 µg/m 3
Carbon Monoxide
117 ppb
Sulfur Dioxide
1 ppb
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Temperature 18 o F
Relative Humidity 73 %
Wind Speed 15 mph
Wind Direction NW
Yesterday's Precipitation 0.01 in
Ideal Conditions
Quick Facts

  • The Cheyenne NCore Monitoring Station began in July 2010.
  • The monitoring objective of the Cheyenne NCore station is to monitor air quality and meteorological parameters in an urban area in Wyoming’s largest city.
  • There are 82 NCore monitoring stations throughout the U.S, 62 urban locations and 20 rural locations; each station measures the same pollutants.
  • The monitoring at NCore is supporting scientific studies ranging across technological, health, and atmospheric disciplines.

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