Photographic Archive 1986 - 1995








Site Location:               The monitoring site was located along the Continental Divide in the northwest corner of Wyoming with park boundaries extending into eastern Idaho and southern Montana.



Photographic Station:    The camera was located at “Old Pumphouse” on the northern shore of Yellowstone Lake, approximately 400 meters east of Lake Village Ranger Station.  The Overlook Mountain Vista views Overlook Mountain (~178°), 33.6 km, and took pictures until 10/24/89.  At this time the camera was realigned to view Avalanche Peak (~111°), 21.5 km.



Operational Period:       Overlook Mountain Vista 09/04/86 – 10/24/89

                                    Avalanche Peak Vista 10/24/89 – 04/01/95



Data Collection:            Photographs were taken at 09:00, 12:00, and 15:00 daily.  Approximately 3,000 35mm-color slides of the Overlook Mountain Vista and 5,500 35mm-color slides of the Avalanche Peak Vista were reviewed to develop the provided historical photographic archive.